Ivo Ganchev 伊夫 is an entrepreneurial academic helping companies and students achieve their goals.

Ivo is based in Beijing/London and his work focuses on the study and promotion of regional integration. As an social scientist, he works on building new theories of regionalism and on Chinese foreign policy. Ivo has advised governments and companies on planning and strategy in a number of sectors, including education and fintech. He currently serves as a Global Partner at TopBrand Union and a Vice-Chairman at the Bulgarian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Ivo has taught at Beijing Union University (Adjunct Professor of Global Leadership), Queen Mary University of London (Lecturer/Teaching Fellow) and Newcastle University (Associate/Fellow).  He holds a PhD degree at Peking University, an MSc from the London School of Economics as well as a BA from Newcastle University. Ivo has conducted research at Hainan University and Nanjing University.

He is the Founding Director of the London-based NGO (non-profit), Centre for Regional Integration. To learn more about this organisation  please visit the NGO section of this web page.

1500+students taught in the UK and China
100+public talks delivered in 10+ countries
30+corporate projects executed successfully

Creative, Collaborative, Multilingual

Ivo is is multicultural and speaks six languages, including fluent Mandarin Chinese. He is also an avid musician and formerly fronted the rock band Spacelaw for 4 years, releasing one EP and one single. He has performed internationally, including live sets on Bulgarian National Television and various BBC radio stations. Ivo also supports community engagement programs such as Cara Syria where he has mentored Syrian academic refugees to help them transition to an international career through publishing research in English.

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